Pionen Penetration Testing

Pionen’s Penetration Testing Service includes both Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. We assist clients with on-going assurance of critical systems and services. Our experience enables us to provide cloud services as part of Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS Compliance and ITHC activities for providing on-going assurance and accreditation.


  • CREST Certified Security Professionals vetted to SC/DVLevels.
  • In-depth assessment of Infrastructure Configuration, Web and Cloud-Based Applications.
  • Comprehensive reporting including Executive Summary, Identified Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Advice.
  • Reproducible steps to validate and replicate identified vulnerabilities.
  • Assessment against Industry Best-Practice, Vendor Guidance, recognised Security Baselines.
  • Providing relevant Common Vulnerabilities assessment and Exposures (CVE) information.
  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) Assessments undertaken.
  • Internal or External, Black-Box or White-Box security testing approaches.
  • Assessments using the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Whats on the inside.

  • Trusted security specialists cleared through National Security Vetting processes.
  • Prioritisation and mitigation advice included in vulnerability remediation plans.
  • Enhanced Assurance of Systems and Services processing Information Assets.
  • Qualified Security Assessor’s (QSA’s) verified results for PCI-DSS Audits.
  • Expertise leveraged from experience across all Industry Sectors.
  • Risk ratings based upon threat, impact, ease of exploitation.
  • Enhanced threats understanding by working closely with Client Teams.

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