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Detecting cyber security events

The best offence? A good defence

A proactive detection strategy is an absolute necessity for all public sector departments. As cyber threats continue to adapt to old detection systems, it is imperative your event monitoring strategy and technology remains up to date.

Our cyber security events service provides vigilant event monitoring, logging, and identification, keeping you protected from the most sophisticated of cyber attacks and far ahead of the threat curve.

We will ensure that you will be given the tools and support necessary to upkeep sophisticated defences, that will remain essential to building cyber resilience long after our client-facing service has culminated.

Impressed by the experience and specialism of the team.

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Large government department

Detection and monitoring

Detection and monitoring is the best way your organisation can stay ahead of pervasive threats. We will provide high levels of support in your quest to realise the appropriate monitoring skills, tools and roles necessary to keep your organisation safe. All detection and monitoring will mirror your governance and reporting requirements, and assimilate with existing cyber strategies.

Your assets, precious to day-to-day function, will be a core concern to us throughout this programme, and sufficient detection and monitoring will protect them proactively from cyber threats. The security status of your key networks and data centres will also be protected by our detection and monitoring programme, providing proactive cyber resilience well into the future.

We will ensure that all incidents detected will be securely logged, granting access to those within your organisation who truly need the information.

Security incidents

Our detection service will provide an alert system, adept at notifying the correct members of your organisation in real time. We will enable you to contextualise alerts with knowledge of the threats and your system; identifying incidents that demand a concerted response.

Proactive cyber resilience

Our provocative cyber resilience will help ensure your organisation always detects malicious and threatening activities. Our services provide you with the tools to catch events, even when the activity evades standard signature-based security.

We go the extra mile and aim to help you define examples of abnormalities in system behaviour that provide practical ways of detecting malicious activity that is otherwise hard to identify. Our detection and monitoring service builds cyber resilience, by helping you to find and use an informed understanding of more sophisticated attack methods, and use the information to inform your strategy.

Our way of working

Pionen utilises a variety of methodologies, dependent on the project requirements. Most commonly, we utilise Prince 2, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile and ITIL, but our service and experience are not limited to these methods. All methodologies are underpinned with experience of the GDS Service manual. Pionen are committed to providing attentive and diligent cyber security. We are empathetic to all public sector needs, and pragmatic in our approach.

We are determined to provide our clients with vigilant and effective solutions and will always convey our operations with clarity.

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