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Protecting against cyber attacks (policy and identity)

Proactive cyber protection

An organisation must adopt a policy that is proactive against cyber threats for successful function in 2022. Our Cyber Attack Policy and Identity service gives you the process tools necessary to achieve just that. Following the culmination of our service, we will ensure that your organisation is left with a policy that defines, implements, communicates, and enforces appropriate processes needed to protect your organisation.

With the rise of increasingly deceptive cyber breaches, ensuring safe identity and access control is a non-negotiable for your organisation. Our identity service will ensure that your organisation has sufficient checks and balances on identity and access to the functions fundamental to your operations.

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Policy and Process Development

Our policy support will cement the link between traceability and risk for your organisation. By supporting the development and improvement of your set of cyber resilience policies and processes, essential functions such as networks and information systems will be fully protected from cyber threats. We will provide you with the support needed to test that you have successfully implemented your security policies, and can demonstrate the security benefits achieved.

Identity and Access Control

With the rise of increasingly deceptive cyber breaches, ensuring safe identity and access control is a non-negotiable for your organisation. Our identity and control service will help you verify access to your resources, adding another vital layer to your cyber defences.

We will help you ensure that access to resources is understood and documented. Users that can access data or systems will be appropriately verified, authenticated, authorised and logged. Our device management will help you gain full visibility of and have trust in, the devices that are used to access your networks, information systems and data that support your essential functions.

We will also support the development of your IAM regime, to effectively manage and maintain identity and access control for users, devices and systems. Our security team will secure your networks, information systems and supporting business functions through effective architecture, planning, and process management.

Our way of working

Pionen utilises a variety of methodologies, dependent on the project requirements. Most commonly, we utilise Prince 2, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile and ITIL, but our service and experience are not limited to these methods. All methodologies are underpinned with experience of the GDS Service manual. Pionen are committed to providing attentive and diligent cyber security. We are empathetic to all public sector needs, and pragmatic in our approach.

We are determined to provide our clients with vigilant and effective solutions and will always convey our operations with clarity.

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