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Managing security risk in your organisation

Reduce risk, increase confidence

Without building a culture of knowledge around cyber, your organisation leaves itself open to pervasive threats. Our Managing Security Risk service aims to empower your organisation with the tools it needs to educate your teams and build lasting cyber resilience.

By advising and directing your cyber security governance, and supporting the safe management of assets, this service ensures organisation-wide confidence. The security of your people, processes and technology is central to the successful function of your organisation; this service provides the confidence and security necessary to move forward.

Impressed by the experience and specialism of the team.

Large government department

We are very happy with the team's delivery of our projects.

Large government department

Governance and assurance

By establishing and implementing your organisation's cyber security policies, processes and management framework, we will ensure the transfer of an effective approach to cyber governance across your organisation.

Cyber resilience is built from the top down. This is central to our security risk management service. We will ensure your organisation has a cyber strategy, led at board level. We will facilitate the vital links of communication from the executive level, down your organisation's hierarchy - ensuring clarity around corresponding cyber policies. Our security risk management service will also provide advice around senior level accountability for your renewed security framework.

As cyber threats evolve, your organisation's capacity for modern cyber roles must do so too. We will support and advise the establishment of new roles under your renewed security framework. This will ensure the establishment of clear and well understood channels for accountability and communication.

Asset management

We know first hand the complexities of large public sector organisations. The larger the organisation, the more assets will be at risk from cyber threats. Our asset management will give your organisation the necessary tools to ring-fence these assets, no matter how few or many, from these cyber threats. This includes data, people and systems, as well as any supporting infrastructure (such as power or cooling).

We aim to help you understand and manage the security risks to networks and information systems that arise as a result of dependencies on external suppliers. This includes coordination, negotiation, and management to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to securely manage suppliers.

Our way of working

Pionen utilises a variety of methodologies, dependent on the project requirements. Most commonly, we utilise Prince 2, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile and ITIL, but our service and experience are not limited to these methods. All methodologies are underpinned with experience of the GDS Service manual. Pionen are committed to providing attentive and diligent cyber security. We are empathetic to all public sector needs, and pragmatic in our approach.

We are determined to provide our clients with vigilant and effective solutions and will always convey our operations with clarity.

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