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What is GovAssure?


All government departments and a selected number of arm’s length bodies are to have their cyber security maturity reviewed under new measures being put in place under an enhanced security regime, known as GovAssure.

GovAssure will be run by the Cabinet Office’s Government Security Group with support from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

An annual security audit, will hopefully increase government resilience by demonstrating where improvements can be made.

The use of the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) to review the assurance measures against a number of key areas including cyber risk management, protecting against cyber-attacks and general indicators of good practice.

Organisations will assess critical systems against one of two target CAF profiles for government, the Baseline or the Enhanced Profile. This will provide organisations and the Security Function with a more effective mechanism to understand the level of cyber resilience across government.

GovAssure also introduces third party led assessments to validate results and help identify what best practice looks like for government bodies.

These results are then fed back centrally via WebCAF to give greater visibility of the common cyber security challenges the government is facing.

Pionen and GovAssure

Pionen are delighted to confirm that a number of our consultants have completed the GovAssure Reviewer Training and we are now listed on CSS3 DPS as a GovAssure supplier. (Cyber Security Services 3 Dynamic Purchasing System). 


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