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Pionen Promotional Video - Think Digital / Cyber Conference

Think Cyber Security

Hello, I’m Steve Moran, the Client Services Director at Pionen.

As a cybersecurity consulting firm, we work with government and critical national infrastructure – the most complex organisations with the most pressing security needs.

We protect the security and integrity of government systems, and safeguard the citizens who rely on them.

The experience and knowledge of our team members is deep and wide.

You can access our services through a number of frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems.

The British government is working to secure itself according to the NCSC’s Government Cybersecurity Strategy.

All government bodies must adopt the Cyber Assessment Framework, the CAF, as a way to assess and improve their cyber resilience.

We’ve helped a number of clients with their CAF maturity assessments. And now we’ve developed our own tool to support you – PionenAssure.

PionenAssure makes it easy to complete, manage and generate reporting from your CAF assessments. If you’d like a demonstration please get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you about your journey to cyber resilience.

Speak with one of our experts today